What good is a long life if it's not in good health?

Vitalis is a physician-created online curriculum that teaches you how to take charge of your health to maximize your healthspan, functionality, and longevity.

What you get as a Vitalis member:

Video Content

Vitalis includes over 60 videos, carefully crafted by the medical team, addressing over 10 distinct areas of healthspan promotion.

No Snake Oil

Vitalis brings you the latest in evidence-informed medicine, combined with direct clinical experience, providing information that works.

Learning Made Easy

Vitalis leverages Adult Learning Theory to make the content stick. Learn once, use forever.

Dr. Jon

Jonathan Lis, MD is the founder of Vitalis Healthspan. He is a practicing primary care physician with special interest in extending healthspan (how long you stay healthy). He completed his medical school training at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine where he was a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and won the Inspiration Award and the J.E.C. Walker, MD Medicine and Society Award. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine, Primary Care at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). 

"Vitalis makes it easy to stick to what works. No BS, just effective information that makes it easy to be healthier."
Matthew T.
Member since 2024

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